General information

Company’s name: Lekovit d.o.o.

Address: Janka Veselinovica bb 15000 Sabac

The main activity: Wholesale trade services of pharmaceutical products

Trade registration number: 07829531

Tax ID: 100125653

Director: dr Dragan Petrovic


Welcome to Lekovit

Lekovit d.o.o. is successful wholesaler behind which is 20 years of business and commitment to the business partners.

The activity of Lekovit is supply of pharmacies, pharmaceutical facilities and other health institutions with pharmaceutical products.

Our activities are focused on increasing assortment of selling products, promotion of storing conditions, improvement of distribution quality while strengthening partnerships with buyers and suppliers.

The basic principle of business activities of Lekovit is to improve and create firm partnerships.

We insist on mutual trust, respect and understanding by creating business climate which enables stability for all business partners.